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Best Gaming Mouse 2017 – Comprehensive Buyer’s Guide!

How does it feel when you miss your target in an almost victorious encounter in Counter Strike because your mouse causes a wrong move? Frustrating? Absolutely! Or, imagine the pain of getting stuck, unable to move, in the middle of a breathtaking fight in Doom, simply because your mouse fails to respond efficiently. Annoying? Absolutely!

We all know that playing online games was once only a matter of fun. However, the rapid advancements in the gaming arena have caused this genre to emerge as a new and separate sport which requires professionalism and determination to succeed. These fast-paced games have made it necessary that players are properly equipped with all the latest, and very necessary, accessories needed to allow them to play at satisfactory levels. It stands to reason, then, that prospective players should start by making sure they have the best gaming mouse available.



Though there is a wide range of gaming mice manufactured by different companies, not very gaming mouse can meet your needs. Neither does every other mouse offer all of the best features together. Keeping in view the specifications mentioned above, we have tried to find out those mouse models that meet the requirements to be a gaming mouse. Here we list 11 best gaming mouse brands that genuinely deliver an incredible gaming experience.

Best MMO Gaming Mouse Models

The broadest range enlisting the most popular games of the time certainly belongs to the category of massively multiplayer online games, or the MMO games. Such games allow hundreds of players to participate in the same instance of the game at the same time. FPS, RTS, and RPS are just the subsidiaries of these online games. To rejoice the gaming experience, a specialized MMO gaming mouse is unavoidable! Here comes a range of the best MMO gaming mice.

  1. Logitech G600 MMO Gaming Mouse

The Logitech G600 MMO gaming mouse exhibits a modish, attractive, and comfortable design with proven efficiency. It is a mouse aimed explicitly at the massively multiplayer online (MMO) games. Carrying 20 buttons specially tuned for MMO games, this mouse suffices to replace a keyboard for MMO gaming. Whereas, its overall catchy design is enough to satiate the thirst of the techy gamers to own a contemporary gaming mouse.

Design, Features, and Specifications:

Out of the 20 G buttons, 12 are present under the thumb panel, making it convenient to for the user to control the 12 primary game commands. Your thumb can seamlessly operate all these 12 G buttons. Besides, it features 3 primary buttons and a scrolling wheel that can also be tilted and clicked.

The top front of the mouse carries a G-shift button that enables a ‘double down’ control, which is meant to activate the second underlying function on each G button on the thumb panel. You can also temporarily adjust your mouse DPI using this G-shift.

The mouse comes witha comfortable design that ensures an easy grip. As the thumb panel carries the 12 control buttons, there is no groove on the side of the mouse. The buttons are placed in a double-dish design, each of which is a set of 6 keys carefully programmed after the input from the MMO game developers as well the regular MMO gamers. The double dish design allows the 12 buttons to be placed distinctly within the small panel, alleviating the risks of any misclicks.

The top front and the right-hand side of the mouse also allows resting your hand comfortably. Your forefinger can relaxingly control the left-click button, while the middle finger controls the right-click button. The G-shift button is elegantly placed on the top where it comes within the range of both the forefinger and the middle finger to be operated. While your ring finger rests on the right-hand side of the mouse, it can also be used to activate the mouse’s macro controls as it is a clickable button that allows your finger to rest.

This Logitech wired gaming mouse indeed comes as a gift for the diehard MMO gamers. Forgetting about the stress, the user can perform a range of activities and functions without the need to meddle with keyboard short keys.

The Logitech G600 can undoubtedly be considered as the best MMO gaming mouse by Logitech with a highly sophisticated software that supports a myriad of game functions with 18 programmable mouse buttons (excluding the two standard right-click and left-click buttons). The specialized software supports three profiles at a time, offering a total of six profiles. Three of these are stored within the mouse, while the other three are on your computer. You can feasibly switch between these profiles in between the gameplay.

Adding further to its classy design along with enhancing the user experience, the mouse enables you to assign a specific color to a profile. You can choose any one from a range of 16 million unique colors to indicate a particular profile. Hence, you can quickly check which profile mode you are using without the need to look down.

The Downsides:

The G600 is undoubtedly an excellent product among all the Logitech gaming mice. Nevertheless, it has some drawbacks. At first, it has a strict design for the right-handed users only. Regretfully, all the left-handed gamers cannot enjoy the MMO gaming while using this mouse. Secondly, the most distinct feature of 12 buttons at the thumb panel is its key drawback too. Most of the users take time to adjust with these programmable buttons.

2.Sharkk Gaming Mouse – MMO 18 Button Gaming Mouse

Sharkk is one of the competing brands in the gaming arena producing high-end computing devices for the gamers. This time, Sharkk flaunts with a terrific MMO 18 Button Gaming Mouse that is specifically designed to drive your gaming adventure to the next level. The astounding attributes of the mouse suffice to get it enlisted among the top MMO gaming mice.

Design, Features, and Specifications:

With a trendy look, the Sharkk gaming mouse comes with an ergonomic design that ensures your comfort. Being adorned with an alluring thumb panel at the right-hand side, the base of the mouse extends outwards to form a comfy thumb rest to provide you a stress-free gaming experience without putting any strain on your hand.

Catering the need to exhibit all important gaming options, and striving to lower down the keyboard use, the mouse succeed in accommodating a total of 18 programmable buttons. 12 of these are accumulated within the thumb panel to provide a ready to access to the major game controls.The front of the mouse carries the two standard right-click and left-click buttons, in the middle of which is present the clickable scroll-wheel. Beneath the scroll-wheel, you will find the DPI adjustment buttons offering customized precision.

This fantastic mouse endeavors to provide the best precision and sensitivity improving your gameplay. It empowers you to adjust the DPI of the mouse even in the middle of the game. You can choose any value from 1000 DPI to the lighting fast 16400 DPI.

To jazz up the attraction of its high-end design, the mouse is decked with illuminating LED source that can serve as a profile indicator. You can assign any color from a range of 16 million colors to your desired profile. The customizable buttons allow you to set up to 5 different profiles with your personalized setting.

The Downsides:

The manufacturers had had a great chance to make their product outnumber its competitors by launching an ambidextrous design.However, they regretfully missed the opportunity. Continuing the custom of its competitors, the Sharkk gaming mouse is also typically meant to serve the right-handed gamers.

Best World Of Warcraft Gaming Mouse Range

The World of Warcraft is an enthralling game that is becoming a craze for most gamers. It is a spellbinding hybrid of massively multiplayer online games and the role-playing video games (collectively termed as MMORPG). The captivating environment of this game sports lots of breathtaking moments where relying on a keyboard to perform the actions becomes frustrating for a pro gamer. Hence, using a specialized World of Warcraft gaming mouse becomes inevitable. Here we brief you about a great game control device that caters all your needs for savoring the WOW gaming experience.

  1. SteelSeries Rival Optical Gaming Mouse

Benefiting from the necessity of having specialized WOW gaming mouse, the SteelSeries gaming mouse comes in to serve the purpose. Being incredibly compatible with MMO gaming, the mouse features an all-inclusive package of options for enhancing your gaming experience.

Design, Features, and Specifications:

The SteelSeries Rival Optical Gaming mouse is just another depiction of the brilliant hybrid of technology with innovation and classiness. The mouse exhibits a large-sized comfortable claw-grip design that best fits the large palms. So, to all those who are fed up with using smaller gaming mice, this SteelSeries gaming mouse is for you.

To ensure user’s comfort while gaming, the sides of the mouse are lined with rough-textured pads for smooth grip by your thumb and the outer fingers. The left-hand side of the mouse carries two programmable thumb buttons, instead of a large thumb panel. Whereas, the top front of the mouse bears the usual left- and right-clicks with a clickable scroll wheel located in the middle. Similar to other MMO gaming mouse models, the DPI adjustability button is present just beneath the scroll wheel to be easily accessible. Apart from this DPI sensitivity button, all other keys are larger in size, providing robust resilience against accidental clicks.

Although this gaming mouse lacks the exhaustive range of programmable buttons, unlike other MMO gaming mice, it suffices to provide ready access to all those tools that you may require while playing World of Warcraft, or the BioShock Infinite. Hence, you don’t have to meddle with your keyboard to a much extent while playing these games.

The mouse features textured pads on the sides, providing you an uninterrupted gaming experience after hours and hours of playing, or even when your handsare sweating, without letting the mouse slip off from your grip.

The Downsides:

The mouse lacks a DPI indicator and has weak illumination. Hence, the gamer might not be able to check the active profile instantly during gameplay.

Best MOBA Gaming Mouse Models

A little bit of searching in the market will let you come across a range of gaming mice designed explicitly for MOBA games. Here we list the two best MOBA Gaming Mice.

  1. The Corsair Gaming Mouse – Corsair Scimitar Pro

Corsair seems in a rush to cover every area not touched by any other MOBA gaming mouse yet. With the Corsair Scimitar Pro gaming mouse, it has strived to gather the best MOBA gaming features in one place. Having a stylish look, ergonomic design, and a package of best specs, this Corsair gaming mouse certainly outclasses all other mice supporting the MOBA gaming category.

Design, Features, and Specifications:

In the Corsair Scimitar Pro gaming mouse, the makers have tried to append every trait needed for efficient MOBA gaming in a single package. The mouse sports an extensive thumb panel with 12 programmable buttons, along with the other programmable keys, making a total of 17 buttons in all. Indeed, it is a fantastic control system ever found in a gaming mouse!

The 12 keys present in the thumb panel on the left-hand side of the mouse are carefully placed to ensure the best sensitivity with precision in cursor movements. The keys are covered with textured caps for a comfortable firm grip during intense gaming. The textured surface also rules out the probabilities of unintentional hand gestures due to gaming pressure.

The overall design of the mouse is an exotic blend of convention and futurism. The other 5 keys, apart from the thumb panel, are beautifully placed on the front adding up to its elegance. Two of the fivekeys constitute the standard right-click and left-click buttons, extending out in a blade-like manner, in the center of which is enclosed the illuminated scroll wheel. The illumination owes to the RGB lighting source placed under the wheel which adds glory to the overall look of the device.

The Corsair Scimitar Pro is not only operative for the MOBA games,rather it also supports MMO games like any other designated MMO gaming mouse. You can effortlessly set up separate profiles with customized settings for these gaming environments. With specific lighting effects powered by the 4 different RGB zones, you can easily know which profile is active at any instant.

For ensuring the user’s comfort, the mouse has an elegant design and ergonomic shape which provides afirm grip on the mouse even in the stressful conditions. The perfect arching shape seamlessly fits the cup of your palm while holding the mouse.

The list of the classy features exhibited by the mouse does not end here. Corsair seems to have made every attempt to outnumber its competitors with this product. The mouse indeed sports the best DPI rating as compared to a majority of gaming mice. It exhibits a precision of 16000 DPI at a maximum. You can swiftly adjust the DPI settings to an accuracy of 1 digit through the two DPI control keys located on top of the mouse, just beneath the scroll-wheel. With such customizability, you can optimize your mouse for the best gaming performance on almost every mouse pad.

The Downsides:

The mouse lacks the DPI light indicator. But since it offers customized RGB colors to be assigned to separate profiles, the absence of DPI indicator doesn’t seem an issue. Nevertheless, the incompatibility of the mouse for the lefty gamers is a drawback that limits its radius of potential users.

  1. Razer Gaming Mouse – Razer Naga Hex V2

When talking about the latest tech devices, how can we forget the name of Razer Inc.! The firm is dedicated to taking innovations in technology to the next level. With unique designs, exquisite features, and sharp grip on the customers’ requirements, Razer appears to be all set to win over the gaming arena. Here is an incredible Razer gaming mouse that is ready to circumvent all its competitors.

Design, Features, and Specifications:

The Razer Naga Hex V2 comes as a hybrid of the previous Naga Hex (which typically supported MOBA games) and the Razer Naga (a specialized MMO gaming mouse) regarding the design. It still functions well for the-multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) games only. This Naga Hex V2 gaming mouse sports an eye-catching design with a unique structuring of the thumb panel. Unlike the most other gaming mice that showcase a simple thumb panel with all the keys present in the rows of 3 or 4 buttons, the Razer Naga Hex V2 has circularly placed the keys, putting a total of 7 programmable buttons on the left-hand side of the mouse. This rounded arrangement keep all the mechanical keys distant from each other, alleviating the chances of any misclicks during the gameplay. The center of the circle is occupied with a rubberized thumb grip that allows you to comfortably rest your thumb on it when you do not intend to press any key. The Naga Hex V2 wonderfully caters the need for a thumb rest which is lacking in most gaming mice. Whereas, there is a long panel beside the right-click button that lets you rest your ring finger on it. This is how the Naga Hex V2 suffices to showcase a genuinely comfortable design for a relishing gaming experience.

Besides the thumb panel, the top of the mouse carries the conventional right-click and the left-click buttons, enclosing a clickable scroll wheel in between. Just beneath the scroll wheel are located the two sensory keys for adjusting DPI sensitivity and vertical scrolling. With adjustable DPI sensitivity, you can enjoy the best gaming experience by setting up your desired precision level anywhere between 200 to 16000 DPI.

After buying the mouse, you do not have to carry out an extensive profile setting activity since it is preloaded with programmed downloadable profiles supporting MOBA gaming. Now you can easily choose your desired profile and start gaming right away!

After discussing the exotic features packed in the mouse, it’s time to highlight the booster trait that jazzes up the elegance of its design. The enticing look of the mouse is enlightened further by the fantastic lighting effects that illuminate the scroll-wheel, the key labels on the thumb panel, and the Razer logo alike.

The Downsides:

Regretfully, the left-hand users cannot enjoy the use of this astounding Razer gaming mouse in their gameplays since it is typically designed for the right-hand gamers. Moreover, the mouse does not feature anything unique. Instead, it seems lacking some features present in other MOBA gaming mice.



The Incredible Logitech Gaming Mouse Range

While talking about the best gaming mouse manufacturers, Logitech is undoubtedly a name that strikes into every gamer’s mind. Logitech seems to have been too much concerned about making the gaming experience an enticing one! It has launched a range of various gaming mice adorning them with the best features among their competitors. It is challenging to pick a single model as the best Logitech gaming mouse. So, here we list a few top mouse models for the gamers out there.

  1. Logitech Pro Gaming Mouse

It is another innovative step from Logitech to intensify the spell of gaming with its incredible gaming mice. The Logitech Pro Gaming Mouse is a simple mouse that takes pro-gaming to the next level, just as any high-end wireless mouse could do. As the name depicts, this terrific mouse is specially designed for the professional gamers. With a light weight, trendy design, and programmable buttons, this mouse offers improved responsiveness and durability for the best gaming experience.

Design, Features, and Specifications:

The Logitech Pro Gaming Mouse is a lightweight gaming mouse with a classic design that ensures your comfort. More specifically, it is a gaming mouse for small hands. So, to all those who cannot use gaming mice due to their large sizes, this pro gaming mouse is for you!

It is a mouse that can be considered as a hybrid of the traits from the high-end and the classical mice. It encloses advanced components within a conventional design and provides contemporary gaming features to support pro gaming. It features six simple buttons, the two right- and left-click buttons with a clickable scroll-wheel in between and a DPI selector just beneath the wheel. Whereas, two thumb buttons are present on the left-hand side of the mouse. All these six buttons can be programmed accordingly to set up the profiles.

With this mouse, there won’t be such game fights where you merelylose because you fail to click the mouse button quickly with firm pressure. The Logitech Pro Gaming Mouse is packed with advanced button tensioning feature that lets you click the buttons with lowered force. Hence, it offers a smooth game support with quick clicks.

The simple mouse design is jazzed up by RGB illumination that not only indicates the plugged-in status of your mouse, but also makes the device eye-catching with its radiant colors. You can choose any of the colors from a range of 16 million different shades according to your preferences.

The best part in this simple mouse is that it is furnished with onboard memory to save your customized settings directly on the mouse without the need to use any software for profile configurations. Hence you can easily personalize the color schemes, button controls, and adjust the DPI ratings of your mouse keeping your preferences saved in the device.

Being designed for the professional gamers, the mouse is tested from every aspect to ensure an uncompromised performance even during the most intense gaming. It has a proven endurance of up to 20 million clicks!

The Downsides:

Though being an incredible pro gaming peripheral control, the Logitech Pro Gaming Mouse is not supporting left-hand gamers! Although it has a relatively symmetrical design, the presence of side buttons for thumb control on the left restricts it from being used by the lefties.

The other drawback, though not a prominent one, is the lack of control buttons. It may be a turn-off for those gamers who are habitual of using maximum game controls through their mouse. The six buttons, out of which two are the standard right and left clicks, may not sufficiently sport all the necessary game commands.

  1. Logitech G602 Wireless Gaming Mouse

Suppose, you are in the middle of a tough fight, aiming at your target to shoot, and suddenly you miss your mark just because of a wrong move due to a slippage over our mouse’s wire! Indeed, it is a highly vexatious situation for a gamer! If you are fed up with being tangled up in those irritating cables of your mouse, then here is an incredible Logitech wireless gaming mouse for you!

Design, Features, and Specifications:

The Logitech G602 Wireless Gaming Mouse is designed to please the high-end gamers with its comprehensive features. A comfortable design, aesthetic look, and the best battery time – these entire traits blend to form this incredible device.

Unlike other gaming mice which sometimes appear as a random basket of game controls, the Logitech G602 is a carefully assembled gaming mouse that is packed with the most important features and specs for a delightful game experience. The most noteworthy feature of this mouse is its enduring battery time. It has been tested to work efficiently for about 250 hours of gaming in the performance mode, without compromising its sensitivity and connection. Whereas, in the endurance mode, the mouse can continue to function uninterruptedly for up to 1440 hours. The mouse is powered by two simple AA sized detachable batteries that are readily available. According to your preferences for the mouse’s weight, you can safely remove one of these cells to adjust its weight.

The agony of being entangled in the wires of your mouse is much relieved with the wireless feature of this device. With a 2.4 GHz wireless connection, the mouse uses the entire bandwidth of its nanoreceiverto for a dedicated gaming-level performance.

As regards the control functions, the mouse features three long clickable buttons, two of which serve as the standard right- and left-click keys that extend outwards in a blade-likedesign for a mesmeric look. To ensure a firm grip by the user, the top surface is lined with a ridged rubber to serve as a comfortable and non-slippery palm-rest. It further extends in a wraparound manner along the sides and protrudes from the left side to serve as a comfy thumb rest. The mouse further sports six programmable buttons on the top left-handside, viz., the G4 to G9. Whereas, just beside the left-click, there are two additional buttons to adjust the mouse sensitivity with which you can set the mouse DPI anywhere between 250 to 2500 DPI at any instant. Hence, it has a total of 11 programmable buttons to perform different game commands.

This stunning wireless mouse possesses all the traits to be considered as the best wireless gaming mouse of the time. It exclusively flaunts the Delta Zero Sensor Technology which empowers it with a 2500 DPI sensor with LED for accurate cursor control and extended battery power optimization.

Like other Logitech gaming mice, this wireless mouse also sports outstanding endurance levels when compared with the other gaming mice. It has a proven efficient performance for up to 20 million clicks.

The Downsides:

At first, like the previous gaming mice from Logitech, this G602 wireless gaming mouse also does not support the left-handed gamers. So, the left-handers will miss enjoying the breathtaking gaming experience conferred by this wireless mouse. Secondly, though the optional removal of one of the batteries to shed mouse weight is a good option, it causes a relatively lowered endurance for intense gaming. However, these little issues do not diminish the brighter side of this mouse.

  1. Logitech G300S Optical Gaming Mouse

Once again, we have listed a high-end gaming mouse from Logitech. This time, it is the Logitech G300S Optical Gaming Mouse. The best part of this incredible mouse is that, unlike those mice discussed above, it, fortunately, comes in a symmetrical design which is equally supportive for the left-handers. It is a brand where Logitech has finally decided to launch something for those brilliant lefty gamers as well. This mouse is not only enlisted here due to its features, but instead, it also comes with an affordable price tag. If you are looking for the best gaming mouse under 50, then this mouse is certainly for you.

Design, Features, and Specifications:

The first thing to be noticed in the design of Logitech G300S optical mouse is its ambidextrous design. The mouse is entirely symmetrical and houses similar buttons on both the right and the left-hand sides. Whereas, the overall shape and design of the mouse are also much comfortable to rest your hand on it.

Let’s dive deep into its features and specs. The mouse features 9 programmable buttons (just a little less than the Logitech G600 MMO gaming mouse and the Logitech G602 Wireless Gaming Mouse). You can continue to use the default profile of the mouse with preset configurations, or you can set up your own commands on the mouse buttons. These 9 buttons are symmetrically placed on the mouse surface to retain its symmetry.

The allure of its design is further boosted by the unique configurable lighting option offering 7 different colors. You can assign separate colors to separate profiles, and can keep a check about the profile being used during your gameplay.

Similar to the Logitech Pro Gaming Mouse, this mouse also exhibits onboard memory to save your profile settings directly. Now you don’t need to configure your mouse settings each time you play a game. Your mouse will remember it for you.

As regards the mouse sensitivity, it can support up to 2500 DPI, the minimum supported value being 250 DPI. The convenient mouse buttons allow you to quickly alter the mouse DPI rate according to your gaming preference at any time during the gameplay.

Stepping ahead to improvise your gaming experience, the Logitech G300S Optical Gaming Mouse exhibits endurance to the highly robust activities as well sustaining 10 million clicks in the durability test. Moreover, for fast and precise cursor movements, it works at 1ms report rate, which is eight times faster than that of a standard USB mouse.

The Downsides:

The Logitech G300S gaming mouse apparently has no significant drawbacks or lacking. The only thing which slightly bruises its perfection is its hollow feel to the users, and the basic version of its configuration software.

  1. Logitech G502 Proteus Core Tunable Gaming Mouse

Now here comes a mouse that can be truly considered as an all-purpose gaming mouse. It is the Logitech G502 Proteus Core tunable gaming mouse. Though the previous model Logitech 500s was a boomer of the gaming mice, its descendant mouse variant G502 Proteus core is a great innovation. For those who prefer having high-end gadgets and devices that add to their comfort, this tunable gaming mouse indeed comes up as the best choice.

Design, Features, and Specifications:

Apparently, the G502 Proteus Core Tunable mouse is just a revamp of the previous model G500. It allows you to adjust the weight and the balance of the mouse as per your convenience while gaming. It can easilybe done through the five adjustable weights of 3.46g each, that can be attached or detached to the mouse when needed. This is how it serves as a convenient game control device for every gamer.

Taking another step towards customization, the mouse brings with it another fantastic attribute of optimizing the performance of the optical sensor. It is a swift process that allows you to calibrate the sensor performance according to the playing surfaces. What you get in return is a thrilling gaming experience with a fully optimized mouse precision.

The Logitech G502 Proteus Core Tunable gaming mouse sports 11 programmable buttons that bring down all the essential game commands at your fingertips. As the buttons are customizable, you can assign your desired control function to any key of your choice according to your gaming habits. Out of these 11, two of the buttons serve as the standard left- and right-clickkeys that extend outward as blades enhancing the design aesthetics. In the middle of these is located a scroll-wheel that can be clicked in three dimensions. A unique property of this scroll wheel is its ability to become rigid upon pressing the button. Hence, you can switch to and from the free-scroll mode as and when needed.

Another programmable button is elegantly placed just below the scroll-wheel, while three thumb buttons are present on the left-hand side of the mouse that can be feasibly gripped by your thumb. The button located in the last on the same side is uniquely designed as a ‘sniper’ button for quick targeting during most FPS games.

To relish an uninterrupted gameplay, the mouse empowers you to adjust the DPI rate as per your preferred precision even during a game. The two clickable buttons on the top of your mouse function as DPI controls, through which you can shift the DPI to any high or low value ranging from the headshot fidelity of 200 DPI to the fast-paced 12000 DPI!

One of the striking options offered by this mouse is the dual gaming mode. With this feature, you can choose any of the two modes according to your gaming habit – a fast-scroll gaming mode, or the other with a click-to-click exactitude.

When this mouse ensures users’ convenience by offering so many interesting gaming options, how can it neglect the users’ hand comfort while gaming! The mouse has an elegant ridged design that allows you to rest your hand on it comfortably even during the most intense gaming!

The Downsides:

Once again, this mouse sports amazing features, but it remained inconsiderate towards the left-hand gamers. Moreover, the mouse might be a bit small to fit in large palms. Hence, the players with large hands may not feel comfortable while using this mouse.


Other High-End Mice Dominating The Gaming World

By looking at the above list of back-to-back Logitech gaming mice, you may perceive that Logitech is the sole manufacturer concerned about making all-purpose gaming peripherals. Nevertheless, there are many other top-notch gaming mice primarily designed to serve all game types alike. Whether you are looking for that contemporary rat gaming mouse with a spectacular design, or are in need of the best cheap gaming mouse that caters all your needs in an affordable price, a wide range of gaming rats and mice from the best companies is now within an easy approach. Some of the prominent brands among the gaming mice producers besides Logitech include Razer, Asus, and Corsair, that have produced the best series of mice for pro gamers.Nevertheless, few other brands have also entered this race by launching gaming mice.

  1. Lenovo Gaming Mouse – Lenovo Wired Y Gaming Optical Mouse

With so many names competing in the battle of producing the best gaming devices, why would Lenovo lag behind? Lenovo has undoubtedly been successful in introducing the latest technology within an affordable budget. The same has been taken care of while launching its gaming mouse in the market.

Design, Features, and Specifications:

With its extravagant design, the Lenovo gaming mouse is packed with impressive technology to serve as an all-purpose gaming mouse. The first thing to be noticed in its design is its unusually large size. The enormous size makes it a preferred choice for the gamers with large palms. Also, the blend of round and angular shapes makes it look even more stunning, diminishing the shine of other high-end rival mice. For a seamless grip during the game, the sides of the mouse are roughly textured to support your thumb and the outer fingers.

The Lenovo Y Wired Gaming Optical Mouse illustrates a balance in its attributes, exhibiting no flaunty features. The material of the mouse is, however, a bit inclined to the standard range of quality. But the large size is ideal for a firm palm-grip. Moreover, it brings with it four adjustable weight cartridges, each of which weighs around 5 gm. Hence, you can increase or lower the weight of the mouse depending upon your gaming habits.

The top of the mouse carries the standard left and right-clicks. In the center of the two buttons is placed the scroll-wheel, which is a little more rubbery than what we experience with other high-end mice. The DPI adjustment control buttonis located beneath the scroll-wheel for a quick optimization of DPI. On the whole, it bears eight programmable buttons, with two thumb buttons as well.

Offering more personalization options, it allows you to adjust the DPI levels at any value lower than 8200 DPI. Indeed, it is a wonderful precision exhibited in an affordable range. Furthermore, the polling rate of 1000Hz jazzes up the mouse precision and sensitivity even more.

The quality and the apparent look of the mouse may let it appear as an average device, the durability of its buttons up to 20 million clicks makes us believe that it really is an impressive gaming mouse with high endurance towards intense gaming.

The Downsides:

The unusually large size of the mouse limits its users to a particular group of gamers with larger palms. For a majority of the players, this Lenovo gaming mouse is not comfortable to be used. Moreover, it is also not suitable for the left-handed gamers.

  1. Zelotes Gaming Mouse – Zelotes 5500 DPI 7 Button LED Optical USB Wired Gaming Mouse Mice for Pro Gamer

Zelotes is one of the firms dedicated to introducing top-notch tech products in the market. Stepping ahead to serve the gamers, it has come up with a highly competitive Zelotes gaming mouse that has the power to outclass the ruling brands of gaming mice at any time.

Design, Features, and Specifications:

The Zelotes 5500 Optical USB Wired Gaming Mouse is a fantastic peripheral game control for the pro gamers who are looking for some inexpensive yet a quality gaming mouse. With an appealing design that is finalized keeping in view the ergonomics, the mouse certainly has the potential to skirt its rivals.

The mouse delivers pointer precision through its optical sensors that let it work efficiently even on rough surfaces. As regards the programmable buttons, it indeed lags behind its competitors, bearing only four additional pre-configured buttons. The mouse sports separate illumination indicators for the profile settings that also enhance its form factor.

The Downsides:

Talking about the downsides of the mouse, we can see several weaknesses in its attributes. At first, the mouse bears only a few functional buttons with no programmability. Hence you are compelled to get yourself adjusted with the mouse’s preset settings. Moreover, the illumination colors indicating the profile settings are also non-customizable.

Moreover, amajor drawback in this mouse is the 30 seconds lag in activity when it comes out of the standby mode. Such a delay can pose severe threats to the probabilities of your victory during a game.

Besides, similar to most other gaming mice, the Zelotes gaming mousetoo is ignorant towards the left-handed gamers.

  1. Blackweb GRIM Gaming Mouse

Blackweb is a Walmart’s brand under the umbrella of which various computing devices and accessories have been launched. We have seen several wonderful products in Blackweb series, such as Bluetooth gaming mouse, speakers, cables, connectors, gaming keyboard, etc. The Blackweb GRIM Gaming Mouse is one such brand that has made up its position to our list of best gaming mouse owing to its competitive specs.

Design, Features, and Specifications:

Blackweb GRIM gaming mouse is ergonomically designed to ensure user’s comfort while gaming. Besides being restful, it showcases a stylish design that makes it comparable to the other high-end gaming mice from the top brands.

The mouse predominantly has a symmetrical shape with carefully carved keys. The top of the mouse bears the two standard right-click and left-click buttons, enclosing a scroll-wheel in between, like any other mouse. To make it look distinct from regular mice and similar to top gaming mice, it bears a DPI adjustment key beneath the scroll-wheel. Whereas, the thumb panels carries only two buttons that can be programmed for your desired game functions.

The most prominent feature of this Blackweb gaming mouse which safely classifies it as a peripheral gaming device is its efficient DPI rating. The mouse can efficiently be optimized for up to 3200 DPI. For the indication of DPI setting, it features 4 different light indicators each representing a specific configuration. These colored lights further enhance the classiness of its design.

The Downsides:

Walmart could have made its product gain a large number of customers only if it has made it usable for left-handers. Regretfully, the Blackweb gaming mouse does not support left-handed gamers. Moreover, it also sports few programmable buttons as compared to other advanced gaming mice from Logitech and Razer.

  1. Anker Gaming Mouse – Anker 8200 DPI High-Precision Laser Gaming Mouse

The last to be mentioned in our list of best gaming mouse of 2017 is the Anker gaming mouse that has been designed from a gamer’s perspective. Ergonomic shape, elegant design, precision, sensitivity, everything is just beautifully put up in one single device to deliver the best gaming experience to you.

Design, Features, and Specifications:

The first thing in the Anker 8200 DPI High-Precision Laser Gaming Mouse which grabs your attention is its spellbinding design that is shaped keeping in view all the ergonomic aspects. The mouse is sophisticatedly fashioned to ensure comfortable gaming for the users.

As regards the control keys, the mouse bears 9 programmable buttons that accurately sport all major game controls. For precision, the mouse performs efficiently for up to 8200 DPI, enabling you to aim at your opponents meticulously. The Anker gaming mouse comes with 2 preset profile settings for allowing quick access to the fast gaming features. Whereas, the range of 16 million colors empowers you to set your desired lighting color as profile indicator, that further embellishes the look of the device.

The Downsides:

The Anker gaming mouse is one of such high-end mice that apparently have no major flaws, besides offers a usage restricted for right-handed gamers only.



Some of the amateur gamers might argue that buying a specialized gaming mouse and keyboard is a waste of money. They argue that a standard mouse, ranging in price between $5 and $10, would be good enough to support a game. But, from a typical gamer’s perspective, a standard mouse does not come close to delivering even the average performance necessary to support all the game’s functions. Of course, those who only play Solitaire might not need a designated mouse for games, but for more sophisticated, strategic shooter video games, a specialized mouse is, indeed, an absolute requirement!

To get the best from any gaming experience, a dedicated gaming mouse is a ‘necessity’ for gamers. These mice are designed to incorporate smart specifications that ensure a high degree of accuracy for all game moves. Whether you are aiming at a target, or are attempting to make a quick escape from the enemy, the battle is so much more satisfying when you are playing with a good gaming mouse capable of accurately transmitting the speed of your strategic thinking, your planning, and your hand movements. Your gaming mouse can also be used for non-gaming activities; browsing the web, whatever, and will out-perform any normal mouse.


Buying a standard mouse may not require you to deeply research all its features. However, when purchasing a ‘best budget’ gaming mouse, there is a list of features and specifications which should be checked carefully before sealing the deal. These features and specifications will govern the accuracy and sophistication of the mouse pointer while playing games.

Novices in the world of gaming might be familiar with these two common gaming jargon words – DPI ratings, and Polling rates. DPI ratings measure the range your mouse can cover in a single move. The polling rate is the frequency with which your mouse responds. Being familiar with these two terms might make you think you know everything you need to check before buying a typical gaming mouse. You would be wrong!

Another feature users should check is the grip of the mouse, how it feels – comfortable and familiar or awkward and cumbersome. One that settles nicely into the hand should be short-listed as a possible gaming mouse of choice. However, depending on your budget, you may have to settle for a cheaper gaming mouse. Though, obviously, these characteristics important, they are by no means all you should consider in seeking the mouse that will provide you with the best gaming experience.

There are a myriad of features a top-quality gaming mouse should possess. A good mouse for gamers offers a great deal more sophistication in order to make your gaming experiences as good as they can be. Okay, so what are the features that make a top gaming mouse distinct from other devices? Consider this list:

  1. Sensitivity

The DPI ratings reflect the sensitivity of the mouse. The DPI (dots per inch), sometimes also referred to as CPI (characters per inch), is the screen area covered by your mouse with a single drag. This feature is important since a mouse with higher DPI ratings lets you perform quick actions through slight movements. You don’t need a large space to operate your mouse. With small dragging actions, you can travel large areas on your screen. In short, the higher the sensitivity, the greater your mouse’s performance will be, even within a limited space.

  1. Precision

Another important feature of a top gaming mouse is its precision and its ability to predict the user’s intended point of target during a game. Indeed, a mouse offering the best precision is really all a gamer wants. It is particularly useful when targeting small or distant objects during a game, or when taking quick aim at your opponent.  Fortunately, most of the latest gaming mice are equipped with smart predictive features which tend to negate any erroneous hand gestures. This feature, in a top gaming mouse, should be relatively easy to find.

  1. Acceleration

Acceleration of the mouse is the ratio of its pointer speed to the speed of your hand movements. In simple words, it is the compatibility of your mouse’s speed with that of your intentional gestures. It is a key feature that makes gaming mice distinct from standard mice; the latter are simply not fast enough to follow your swift actions. In simple terms, the faster the acceleration of your mouse, the better your gaming experience will be.

  1. Sensors

The next thing you should check before buying a gaming mouse is its sensors. Usually, the mice feature two types of sensors – the optical sensors, and the laser sensors. The laser sensors work best on smooth and reflective surfaces, where they deliver the best DPI. Whereas the mice with optical sensors work well even on rough surfaces, but they may slightly lag behind the laser sensors as regards the DPI. You can choose anyone of these sensor types depending on your workplace and gaming habits.

  1. Polling Rate

The frequency with which your mouse reports about its position to your computer in one second is the polling rate for the mouse. Usually, the polling rate for different mice varies from 125Hz to 1000Hz. The higher the polling rate of your gaming mouse, the better connected will its pointer movements be to your cursor movements. For instance, if a mouse has a polling rate of 500Hz, it means that it reports 500 times to the PC in one second about its position. This is something good as regards the mouse accuracy, but, it also indicates that your PC is compelled to function harder since it is receiving more input from your mouse each second. Fortunately, many latest gaming mice allow you to change the polling rate as per your convenience.

  1. Programmable Mouse Buttons

The best feature that makes a gaming mouse distinct from regular ones is the provision of programmable buttons. It means that each button can function as a hot-key during a game, making it way easier for you to perform quick actions. For instance, while playing an FPS game, with a single click, you can select your desired gun to target at your aim with a single button featured on an FPS gaming mouse, without the need to browse through the guns in your inventory.

  1. Profiles

The programmable buttons in the mouse also enable you to build up separate profiles by assigning customized functions to thhem. The profile settings can also be altered with these buttons, and you can also choose to control the games and genres through thesekeys.

  1. Lift-Off Distance

It is the measure of the height, after raising the mouse from the surface, at which the mouse functioning is halted. Though it might not appear as a noteworthy feature to many, the lift-off distance is still a trait important for professional gamers as every hand gesture through their mouse directly affects their game situation. Suppose,if, during the gameplay, an unintentional lifting of the mouse due to game pressure makes you lose your target, wouldn’t it be annoying? This is particularly likely to happen if you are using a wireless gaming mouse. That’s why gaming mice that continue to work at their best even when lifted off the surface are recommended for gamers.

  1. Ergonomics

After looking at all the specs and features, what is the use of spending huge amount of money on a mouse that does not fits in well in your hand? Well, the main intention of any gamer behind purchasing a gaming mouse is to get a device that comfortably meets your palm positioning habits whilst offering the best gaming functions. Therefore, though listed in the last, mouse ergonomics is a key trait which you need to check before finalizing your purchase.

  • The Grip:The real ergonomic gaming mouse is the one which best fits in your grip. You may find a range of various mice which enable you to be gripped and operated differently, such as the palm grip, the claw grip, and the finger grip. Go ahead to buy the one that best fits your grip.
  • The Weight: Some people find it difficult to operate the heavy mice, whereas some others prefer a gaming mouse to be more in weight for smooth Hence, make sure that the mouse you purchase has an optimal weight for the best user experience.
  • Support for left-hand use: For those who are left-handers, using a mouse, especially while gaming, becomes a problem. Most of the standard mice do not support left-handers. Even there are some gaming mice as well which are meant for right-hand use only. Hence, if you are a left-hander, better opt for a specialized left-handed gaming mouse or the one which supports left-hand gamers, such as Logitech G300, SteelSeries Kana Optical Mouse, and many others.
  1. Price

Despite being mentioned in the end, the cost of the gaming mouse is the foremost thing to be checked by any user while making a purchase. As a gamer, what you need is a good cheap gaming mouse that enables you to play a winning game. Hence, besides looking at the features and specs, make sure to take a look on the price tag and see if it is affordable for you or not. A little bargain might help to reduce the purchase cost. Or, you may find some other mouse with similar specs but an affordable price tag. The Amazon gaming mouse category features some of the best gaming mice from various manufacturers that come at an affordable price.


Online gaming,which was previously considered as a mere habitor a hobby for passing the time, has now evolved into a passion for the millennials. The massive turnover of the people towards gaming has also led it to emerge as one of the promising money-making professions of the tech world. Whether you are a pro gamer, or a regular game-freak, cherishing the gaming experience at its best is your due right! This purpose would not be served until you have a high-end gaming mouse with you. In this article, we have strived to research and gather the best gaming mouse brands from different gaming categories. Each of these mice is unique and impressive on its end. It purely depends on the gamers’ preferences that which mouse appears to be the best-suited for him. While purchasing a gaming mouse for yourself, if you keep in view all the features given in the guide above, you will surely choose the one that meets your requirements. Enjoy gaming!